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PHNIX Heat Pump Focus on the South American Market with a Costumers Visiting and New Products Introduction Event



GUANGZHOU, China, June 2, 2018 -- A PHNIX team,comprising of engineers, product and marketing managers was led by Mr Jab Fan, Director of PHNIX House Heating and

Hot Water Division,had just completed a visit to Chile, the South American country. The panel of experts from PHNIX used the opportunity to observe EXPO FRIO CALOR CHILE,

a well-known South American show, to conduct business-level discussions with some local key business partners. At the same time, PHNIX's team also gave a detailed new PHNIX

heat pump products introduction for some key customers in South America.

廣州,中國,2018年6月2日,由PHNIX住宅供暖和熱水部門主任Fan Jab 領導的PHNIX團隊,包括工程師、產品和營銷經理等在內,剛剛結束訪問智利——一個南美國家,。PHNIX的專家小組

利用這個機會,觀察了著名的南美展會FRIO CALOR CHILE,與當地一些重要的商業伙伴進行了商業層面的討論。同時,PHNIX的團隊也為南美的一些重要客戶詳細介紹了新的PHNIX熱


According to Mr. Floyd Fang, PHNIX product manager in charge of South American business, on the business trip to Chile trip the PHNIX team focused on introducing the new

HeatPlus series and the HeatPro series for the local business partners in Chile. The HeatPlus series is generally applied in an area where the ambient temperature is not lower than

-15°C, while the HeatPro series can be applied to an ultra-low ambient temperature area of -30°C.

負責PHNIX南美業務的產品經理Floyd Fang說,在去智利出差期間,PHNIX團隊專注于為智利的當地商業伙伴介紹新的HeatPlus系列和HeatPro系列。HeatPlus系列通常應用于區域環境


The highlight of the PHNIX team's business trip to Chile was to visit some of PHNIX's some important business partners and conduct detailed business talks with the local air-conditioning

and heat pump player including ANWO on specific business cooperation. The PHNIX team was also invited to visit some of the partners' retail supermarkets and a couple of sample

projects of buildings energy-saving renovation, according to Mr. Floyd Fang.

PHNIX團隊到智利出差的亮點是拜訪PHNIX的一些重要商業伙伴,并與當地空調和熱泵播放器進行詳細的商務會談,包括ANWO的具體商業合作。Floyd Fang說,PHNIX團隊還受邀參觀


When talking about the experience of EXPO FRIO CALOR CHILE, Mr. Jab Fan said,PHNIX attaches great importance to the show's influence in South America, and PHNIX will assess

the possibility of debuting the show. In fact, EXPO FRIO CALOR CHILE has gathered the most important enterprises of the sector, products, services and accessories, for the air conditioning

and refrigeration industries, in an event which is leader in the south continent. The exhibition, seminars and all the complementary activities, will allow the contact between enterprises

and speakers, who will update to the professional visitors about new energies, sustainability, efficiency energetic, alternatives energies and the reduction of the environmental impact.

在談到EXPO FRIO CALOR CHILE,Fan Jab先生說,PHNIX高度重視節目在南美洲的影響力,PHNIX將評估初次登臺演出的可能性。事實上,智利的FRIO CALOR世博會為空調和制冷行業聚集了



About PHNIX HeatPlus Heat Pump Series
關于PHNIX HeatPlus 熱泵系列

Maintains a 4.68 High COP

By incorporating green refrigerant, heat exchanger with innovative technology and circulating heating principle, PHNIX HeatPlus Series is capable of maintaining a 4.68 high COP during

operation and has acquired the first class energy label, which means it can cut more than 15% of running expenses annually for the users. 通過加入綠色制冷劑熱交換器與創新技術和

循環加熱原理,PHNIX HeatPlus系列能夠在運作過程中保持4.68高警覺。并且此系列產品還擁有一流的能源標簽,這意味著它可以每年為用戶減少超過15%的運行費用。

Colorful Touch LCD Display

PHNIX HeatPlus heat pump series' 5-inch wire-controlled LCD display has more powerful functions, such as water temperature curve display, easy timing, one key mute, mute timer and

so on. It has several control modes and the operation is much easier. PHNIX smart colorful touch LCD display will undoubtedly give users a better experience.

PHNIX heat plus熱泵系列5寸線控液晶顯示器具有更強大的功能,如水溫曲線顯示、簡易定時、一鍵靜音、靜音定時器等。它有幾種控制模式,操作簡單得多。PHNIX智能彩色觸摸屏無疑會


A High Cost-effective Solution

The price of PHNIX HeatPlus heat pump series is 20% lower than that of similar products in the market, and it is the perfect solution for hot water and house heating (with PHNIX water

fan coil).

PHNIX heat plus熱泵系列比市面同類產品價格低20%,是熱水和住宅供暖(PHNIX water fan coil)的完美解決方案。

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